That is of course if you don’t have 2 kids that wreck the place every 2 seconds. I have kind of developed some OCD in the past year since my battle with mental health, mess can make it harder for me to relax and I find myself on edge if the place is too messy. So I go around and tidy up, and before you know it it’s a mess again and I find myself staring at all the mess thinking why did I bother? I’m trying to stop myself getting so stressed with the mess, although that’s easier said than done though.

I usually tidy the mess up from the morning when the smallest child goes for a nap and the oldest will either do some colouring in or play a game to keep him busy while I run around and do a tidy up. And then the next tidy up won’t be until 6 when quiet time starts, I used to go around every half an hour but I realised I was just going around in circles and it was stressing me out more than anything. A good way to do it aswel though is involving the children, weirdly enough my 1 year old is better than this than the 5 year old, yes it takes a long time for her to pick a few things up and put into the correct box or bag, but she’s atleast trying. My 5 year old on the other hand, absolute nightmare and moans the whole time and your lucky if he will move 1 thing and he will think that’s all he needs to do. So yeah starting them from an early age, even just putting one toy away a day will hopefully help them see that to get another toy out they need to put the one they were just playing with away.

I try and do a deep clean every Thursday when I have an hour and a half without the kids, this also helps keep on top of things, I can honestly fill 2 black bags with rubbish every Thursday, I don’t know where it all comes from but if I find something and it’s no use to anybody it’s going away. During this hour and a half I’ll Hoover, sweep, mop, dust, get the bedsheets changed, go around the skirtings making sure they are all clean, that’s probably the job I hate the most! You don’t need to spend a lot of money on cleaning products, go to the pound shop grab some astonish cleaner for such a good price and your good to go!

Every 4 months or so, I’ll go into the toy boxes, see what rubbish has been chucked in there, and will also go into the cupboards in our rooms and empty them, my partner is terrible for chucking stuff in our cupboards and before you know it you’ve just got a whole lot of rubbish in the cupboards you don’t need nor want. Especially our clothes cupboard, I think he chucks more on the floor than he actually hangs up and it drives me mental, so gutting them out really makes my day. I’ll also gut the kitchen cupboards out aswel as they can get such a mess at times, I’ve got stuff in there that we’ve had for months and nobody even looks at. That’s probably my favourite thing to do, the kitchen cupboards!

The last thing that really frustrates me is laundry, washing, drying, ironing, putting away. It’s never ending isn’t it? I stay in Scotland and we don’t have the best drying weather, so I mostly have to have them on my heated clothes rail that is huge and bulky and I also don’t like that much just for the fact that it’s so big and I stay in a pretty small flat! I cannot put clothes away that have not been ironed, gives me anxiety, so usually they will sit in a huge pile until I get a second to iron which is usually once every 2-3 days.

The other room I dread doing is the bathroom, that is a rubbish job that is. I try to do that every 2 days with a deep clean and on the days it’s not getting a good clean I use my shower spray and get the wipes out just to go around the toilet and sink. I roughly spend half an hour on my deep clean days doing the bathroom, which is quite a long time to spend on one room when you need to concentrate on all the othe rooms aswel before the child wakes up. I feel you sort of get into a routine that works for your family, but on days when you don’t have as much energy it can be hard to get up and clean the house, but I like to stick some music on and get cleaning so I don’t let it all get too bad!

So eberybody ger yourself into a good routine and hopefully you can be quicker at it than me⭐️

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