So with my first labour, I was 19 years old, and I wasn’t very worried about labour just for the pure fact that I didn’t actually think about it. I had to go up to hospital when I was 38 weeks pregnant as I had some bleeding and reduced movements, so up I went and had a pretty long weight, but eventually I got seen and got put on the trace, where it showed that his heartbeat was absolutely fine, but he just didn’t want to budge atal. I ended up on that heartbeat monitor for 2 hours, when they sent me back out to the waiting room and finally at 6 o’clock I got told I was being kept in for monitoring. They gave me a room and someone came around to scan me, to check fluid etc, that’s when they told me the fluid around the baby just wasn’t as much as they would like, so they were going to just start me off.

I got given a sweep, I got told I was 2cm dilated and yet again got put back on the monitor and told that they would start the induction in an hour, they wanted to wait and see if the sweep would do anything. So after half an hour of being on the monitor a midwife came in and seen that I had been having contractions that I just couldn’t feel, so I was feeling pretty happy at this point. Half an hour later they checked to see if I had dilated anymore, and I was 3cms and they could break my waters, so that’s exactly what they did and I got took to the labour ward for this part. Getting my waters broke didn’t hurt atal, it was uncomfortable but it didn’t hurt in anyway.

It was 9:20 when I got my waters broke, and the contractions started hurting a bit more, and at half 10 I asked for some paractomal to take a bit of the pain away, obviously that didn’t work but I was adamant I didn’t want any other pain relief. I started feeling pretty sick at this point, and just not very good atal, I had been pretty quiet and not saying much, I just lay on the bed trying to control my breathing and keeping myself calm. At 12 o’clock I was not feeling good atal, I hadn’t been rechecked and I started getting a bit angry at the fact that the midwife hadn’t even checked up on me, and I had wanted of the monitor so I could go to the toilet because if you want the honest truth, I felt I needed a poo! My mum told me I couldn’t go to the toilet cause it would be the baby, and I told her no it’s not now let me go! So off I went to the toilet, I 100% did not need a poo btw, anyway while sitting on the toilet, I was sick all over the floor, just from the pain of the contractions, they made me sick it was horrible.

It was now coming up for 20 past 12 so my mum rung to tell them I had been sick all over the floor and I was feeling pressure, so my midwife took her long ass time bothering to even check me, by the time she did it was half 12, and she went oh your 10cms, I’m shocked you’ve barely made a sound. I politely told her to shut up as at this point I was enraged. She finally let me push, and that was a nightmare, I was lying on my back which I do not recommend btw, I was pushing and o could feel him move down but as soon as I stopped he would slide back up again, I was getting so upset by this point as I felt what I was doing wasn’t working. Pushing was 100% the worst part, I do not like pushing, I pushed for over 45 minutes before my sons heart kept dipping with every contraction, so at this point it was decided I would need an episiotomy, which hurt like hell btw! Omg the pain, probably didn’t help that as soon as she did that his head came flying out, but that was terrible honestly. One more push and he was finally out, oh and for pushing I got gas and air which didn’t really help much, it just made me feel like I was drunk. I had a small tear, but not small enough that I wouldn’t need stitches which sucked. So my waters got broke at 9pm, and that’s what kick started the contractions for me, and I gave birth at 1:15, apart from the end of it with the pushing, and the heartbeat dipping it was honestly a good labour!

I’m surprised I managed doing both my labours without more pain relief because I am not good with pain atal, and I’m not gonna lie at the end of this birth I did say give me the epidural now! I’m glad I didn’t receive it now though, but oh my, that’s one pain I’ll never forget⭐️


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