I would of so loved to have been able to read positive happy birth stories when I was expecting, and I’m glad I can upload my experience with my second birth, it was perfect from start to finish. I went over my due date and was feeling so fed up, my midwife kept saying oh I think she will be early, was she hell. At 1 day overdue I went to the midwife expecting a sweep but got told no, it wasn’t my usual midwife and she just wasn’t listening when I told her I was told I was allowed my sweep when I last seen my own midwife. I left that appointment pretty fed up and just not wanting to be pregnant anymore.

Thankfully the next again day, I woke up at half 6, to light cramps that I can only describe as period pain, it wasn’t sore and it didn’t make me feel uncomfortable. I decided to run a bath, I told my partner I thought I was in labour but he didn’t care he just continued to sleep, so at 6:45 I’m running my bath and thought I better phone my mum just to tell her what’s going on as she was also my birthing partner. She said to phone when it got closer together, and I said that was fine as I was going in a bath anyway.

I never got the chance to get in that bath in the end, as I ended up crippled over in pain 10 minutes after coming off the phone to my mum, I had such bad back ache, that went round to the front of my stomach and they were lasting around 40-50 seconds and coming every 2 minutes, so I phoned my mum back and told her I was in so much pain already and I didn’t think I was going to be able to do this(I totally assumed I was still going to be in labour for hours and hours). She told me to wake Craig up and phone the triage, so at 7:10 I woke him up told him I’m in labour again and he needs to get up now. So he phoned the labour ward who asked when my pain first started, asked if it was my first baby totally assuming I was just over reacting and needed to calm down, she asked to be put on loud speaker so she could listen to me in pain better, and then realised that I wasn’t joking and this is serious. She told Craig to phone an ambulance and he would have to get me onto to the bed and grab towels because he may need to deliver this baby. 7:25 the ambulance gets to us, my mum also arrives at the same time, they check me to see if they can see anything before they try to get me to the hospital.

It took me 10 minutes to get down the stairs as the contractions just kept coming constantly, as soon as I got in the ambulance my waters broke, thankfully I’m not a long drive away from the hospital or we would of been screwed! I got given gas and air which honestly doesn’t help me atal, it just makes me feel incredibly sick. My body naturally just started pushing but I was trying to resist as I did not want to give birth without a midwife there. We finally got to the hospital at 7:45, time I got in and onto the bed in the labour ward it was 7:50, I was in so much pain it was unreal, I had a student midwife in with us, and she was lovely, as was my midwife I got who had just delivered another baby 10 minutes before I came in and was getting ready to finish her shift when I came in and she got asked to hang around as someone was coming in who was close to giving birth.

I pushed for 10 minutes, and my beautiful little girl was born at 8:00, I had a second degree tear that hurt like hell but honestly, after that birth I couldn’t complain. I was in kind of shock with how quick it went and I kept saying it’s going too quick this isn’t normal mum, I must of said that a good 20 times to anyone that would listen as I honestly thought I was going to get into the hospital and they were going to tell me I wasn’t ready to push atal and I would of been devastated!

Labour is so scary as you know bad stuff can happen, but honestly it’s best not to think about that stuff, I was the worst for overthinking and it gave me nothing but anxiety. Just try and stay positive in that situation, but it’s easier said than done when in so much pain isn’t it? ⭐️

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